Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes under $4000

Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes under $4000

For many years, electric bicycles were bulky, inconvenient, and expensive machines with limited utility (and battery life). That is gradually changing. E-bikes are lighter, more appealing, and more powerful than ever before. It is not necessary to be physically fit to ride one. It gets you outside, saves fossil fuels, reduces traffic, and is enjoyable.

My fellow Gear writers and I have tried almost every type of electric bike over the last few years, from the best heavy-duty cargo bikes to high-end mountain bikes. We’re always testing new bikes, so if you don’t see one you like right now, come back later. Once you’ve got one, be sure to check out our favorite biking accessories, bike locks, and bike packing gear.

You can push your adventures to new heights with electric mountain bikes. You can unleash your inner adventurer and explore new areas like never before with an integrated motor.

However, most electric mountain bikes are quite expensive, with some costing well over $10,000. How can you get a good electric mountain bike for a low price? Is there such a thing?

Yes, there is. We’re here to demonstrate it. The top four amazing Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes under $4000 are listed below. And don’t be concerned. Simply because these models are less expensive does not imply that they are inferior in any way. The ingenuity of these bikes will most likely astound you.

Let us get ready to go exploring!

What are the market conditions for Electric Bikes?

If you’re in the market for a bike, you may have noticed that prices have risen this year. Multiple factors, including the pandemic, have complicated the global supply chain, and tariff exemptions on all e-bike imports have recently expired. We’ve done our best to include low-cost alternatives.

We understand that e-bikes are expensive, but we consider them vehicles, not toys you want a ride you can rely on when you’re transporting your children to school or flying down a hill at 25 mph with only a helmet for protection.

Reasonable financing options are the only reason why a $2,000 electric bike may appear prohibitively expensive, whereas a $6,000 beater gas-powered car has manageable monthly payments. Many bicycle manufacturers and retailers provide financing through companies such as Affirm or Paypal.

E-bikes may be covered by your bank’s vehicle loan program, and some utility companies even offer cash incentives to purchase e-bikes. Although there are no federal e-bike tax credits (yet), you may have more options than you think.

Let’s Get Started

1- GS9 – PASELEC (Full Suspension E-Mountain Bike)

The PASELEC GS9 is a high-quality eMTB with 27.5” wheels, a 13aH battery, a 100 mm fork, and 40 mm travel at the rear. The motor and battery are seamlessly integrated into the frame, resulting in a fully closed waterproof, and dustproof IP5 rating. Aside from being extremely powerful, the motor has a progressive Smart Assist mode that dynamically adjusts the support level to suit the riding situation, eliminating the need to shift gears in flat terrain. We put the GS9 through its paces around our headquarters on dry and very rainy days, and it never blocks you, whether it’s off-road hills, jungle trails, city roads, snow, or beaches.

Aside from impressive speeds, the GS9 has three riding modes that are equally suited to relaxed cruising, sightseeing, and outdoor enjoyment as they are to more action-packed rides in moderate terrain. It’s an excellent companion for traditional trekking riders who want to explore new terrain and aren’t afraid to tackle easy trails.

Don’t overlook the importance of comfort. The GS9 is also built for speed, with a saddle and thin tires that are light and easy to maneuver. However, this also means that the bike is better suited for all-around off-roading adventures rather than rough trails.


  • Total weight: less than 50 pounds
  • Pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph/throttle-powered speed of 20 mph
  • Brose control system refined 9-speed transmission 500W motor
  • Hydro disc brakes Tektro Orion
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Tires that are thinner than those on other models
  • Not suitable for rough terrains.

2- VIVI (Top pick)

If you want to explore new trails, expand your weekly ride routes, and have some fun while doing it, the VIVI electric mountain bicycle is the perfect combination of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum Alloy, which is strong, lightweight, and incredibly responsive. The frame is designed by your body’s mechanics.

You will have a comfortable riding experience thanks to the dual disc brakes and high-strength steel suspension fork. The VIVI electric mountain bike is an excellent choice for your various needs, whether you want a faster commute, a more effective workout, or increased weekend riding thrills.

The VIVI Electric mountain bike is on our list of the top four amazing electric mountain bikes under $4,000 for a reason: people love it. But what makes this electric mountain bike so appealing? Let’s get into the specifics.

One of the best features of the VIVI  Electric mountain bike is its incredible 26” wheels, which can handle all types of terrains, from sand to snow, allowing you to expand your horizons. With a 21-speed transmission, you have all the torque you need to conquer uphill climbs as well. It also has a 350W extremely powerful motor that can dish out about 22 to 40 miles on a single charge.

It has a comfortable riding position as well as convenience features such as lights, a handy kickstand, and fenders. You can ride with confidence thanks to the Double shock absorption short front fork which is made of high-strength carbon steel.

In terms of protection, the VIV electric mountain tires feature a one-of-a-kind shield that protects against potential punctures from thorns, grass, and other sharp materials.

3- Velowave Electric Mountain Bike for Adults

Thousands upon thousands of 5-star reviews have been left for the Velovave e-bike. Reviews have even dubbed it the “Biggest bang for your buck.” If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy this impressive electric mountain bike, perhaps these details will.

Even though this is a low-cost bike, it has all of the features you’d want in an electric mountain bike, including a powerful 500W motor and five levels of pedal assist that surge up to 25 MPH. Isn’t that incredible? Essentially, nothing is off-limits with this bike. Feel free to take the less-traveled path. The Velowave dishes out about 28 miles on throttle modes and up to 35 miles on Pedal Assist Mode. It has a 48V and 13 Ah Removable and Portable Battery bolstered on top of the strong 6061 Aluminum frame.

The Velowave is worth every penny. It can handle up to 280 lbs. What’s more is that this electric bike is equipped with a professional Shimano 7-speed transmission system, which is incredibly smooth and responsive in gear shifting on different road conditions.

You’ve got a blacklist LCD screen to maneuver levels and see how far you’ve traveled, an upright frame with a comfortable saddle, and an equipped throttle that you’ll appreciate.

4- RURUI XT10 Electric Mountain Bike

While this is more expensive than the other electric mountain bikes on our list, it is well worth the money. The XT10 is on our list of the top four amazing electric mountain bikes under $4,000 for a reason: it’s unlike any other bike on our list.

With a 750W powerful motor coupled with 26” wheels and 4” girthy tires, this e-bike can reach up to 30 mph. Its incredible 4” wheels, which can handle all types of terrains, from sand to snow, allow you to expand your horizons. With the Shimano 7-speed transmission and 80Nm of torque, you have all the torque you need to conquer uphill climbs as well.

This electric bike goes the farthest on our list. With a range of about 90 miles in pedal-assist mode and a top speed of 30 MPH, you can ride all day with this.  Moreover, the colorful smart display equipped with an interactive UI is what every biker needs. You can get all the information including mileage, riding speed, battery power, and PAS mode

It also comes with a 2W headlight that allows you to ride your bike any time of the day. Moreover, the suspension on this bike can handle up to 750 pounds of pressure like a champ!

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Things to Think About When Getting Your E-MTB

Here are a few key factors to consider when looking for the best electric mountain bike under $4,000 for you.

Tire Styles

On this list, we see a bike with thin tires, a bike with fat tires, and two bikes with standard sizes. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Thinner materials, for example, may be lighter, but they will not be able to withstand rough terrain.

The voltage of the battery

You want to make sure you’re getting the right voltage when you buy a battery. That way, you won’t end up on the side of the mountain without a charge. However, keep an eye on the battery voltage and how long the battery can hold this charge.


A powerful engine is recommended for those who intend to go on excursions in a variety of terrains and scales. A powerful engine will handle uphill and downhill maneuvers with ease, whether you’re on sandy, snowy, or rocky terrain.

MPH Take into account the overall MPH of the pedal assist. This is extremely important. If you want your bike to help you out with lots of speed, you’ll need to find a bike that can withstand the heat.


Do you require additional features for your convenience? When it comes to features you want or need, such as a backlit LED or an intelligent eMTB, everyone has a personal preference. Take note of what each bike has to offer to find the one that is best for you.


Last but not least, think about the cost. Yes, it’s obvious that you’re here to stick to a $4,000 budget, but that doesn’t mean you want to get as close to $4,000 as possible. Many options on this list are under $2,000, so almost any budget can find what they’re looking for.

Classifications and Regulations for E-Bikes

You must see if you can use your electric bike before purchasing it! There are laws in many cities and states that govern when and where you can ride an e-bike. At least 22 states now use a three-class system, and they may limit when and where different classes of e-bikes can be used based on whether they have a throttle or can assist above 20 mph. Cities may also have laws governing the use of mountain e-bikes on single-track trails.

If your state classifies e-bikes under the same laws that apply to motorcycles and mopeds, you may be required to obtain a license to ride one. And, above all, always wear a helmet.