Does A New Bike Chain Need Lube? (Answered)

Does A New Bike Chain Need Lube?

Keeping your bike running smoothly may seem complicated when you are just starting out. It

requires a lot of information to understand the bike, and there is a written guide for every part of

the bike, particularly the chain.

A bicycle chain needs lubrication to reduce friction and work properly. Biking enthusiasts must

know how critical it is to lubricate their bike chains. This will not be a case of compromise.

In addition, when a chain isn’t lubricated properly, it makes a loud, annoying noise that makes it

difficult to enjoy the ride. To ensure that your bicycle chain avoids rusting, runs freely, and does

not break while out on the road, it must be correctly lubricated. It must be maintained on a

regular basis.

So what do you think? Does a new bike chain need lube?

After buying a new chain, all you need to do is wipe it down. There is grease in the chain, so it will

work as a lubricant. Let’s take a closer look at this article.

Is it necessary to lube a new bike chain?

When you buy a new bike chain, it comes with factory lube, which might be a better option than

regular lube.  Almost all major chain manufacturers claim that the lubrication that comes with

chains is suitable for cycling, so there’s no need to remove it.

Upon installing a new chain, it should last for several rides before requiring lubrication. The only

thing you need to do is fit it, ride, and re-lubricate it when it’s time. It’s recommended, however,

that you check the manufacturer’s instructions before using the chain and lube.

Bike chain lubrication: why is it so essential?

During cycling, the bike chain transfers energy from your leg muscles to the tires. Because of

that, it wears out a lot. Besides that, it is located low on the bike. The low position makes it easy

to scoop up stuff like sludge, debris, and salted water. This puts a lot of pressure on the chain.

When a chain is dirty or worn out, it makes a lot of noise and sounds like it may break at any

moment. The good news is that chain snaps don’t happen often. However, if you don’t take care

of the chains and use them wrong, they’ll break.

Moreover, without lubrication, a chain causes unnecessary friction, making you work harder. You

need to lubricate your bike chain regularly to keep it smooth, clean, and lasting. Lubricating the

chain will maintain its performance as it remains connected to the chainrings.

It also reduces friction and wear.  And it will protect other parts like the rear wheels. So keep

your bicycle chain lubricated so that it works properly.

What is the right time to lube your bike chain?

You should relubricate your chain based on your riding habits, your riding conditions, the type of

lubricant you use, and the manner in which you maintain your chain. Y our chain will need extra

attention if the roads are wet and icy, or if it’s slippery.

Most riders re-lubricate their chains when they ride, but others wait for a few miles or months

before doing so. Each time the chain is cleaned or scraped with a solvent, lubrication is

required. Ideally, you should lubricate your bicycle chain once a month or every 150-200 miles.

How do I choose a lubricant?

Wet lube is recommended for most riding conditions. Unlike dry lube, it gets dirty fast, but it’s

long-lasting and wipeable.  Additionally, don’t use oil-based lubricants, which cause more friction.

This kind of lube also grabs dust and dirt, so friction gets increased. It’s not effective on your

bike chain to use thick oil-based lubes.

In contrast to oil lubricants, wax lubricants have a longer shelf life and are less frictional. It is,

however, a difficult process to apply and most riders don’t like it for that reason.

Therefore, drip lubes are preferred over wax lubes since they’re easy to apply . Using drip lubes

is convenient if you don’t have time.

In spite of this, keeping your chain clean will ensure that it lasts for a very long time, regardless

of what lube you choose. Make sure to lubricate the inside of the chain regularly and after every



There is no need to lubricate new chains that have just been installed. Regularly lubricating and

cleaning your chain is a must for any cyclist who rides their bike frequently. It does not take

more than ten minutes to clean and grease the chain.

Further, you don’t have to wait for warning signs to lube your chain. Make sure you check with

the chain and lube manufacturers.

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