How to Lock Up a Bike Without a Lock?

How to Lock Up a Bike Without a Lock

Imagine being in a hurry for a city trip and forgetting your motorcycle lock in your apartment. You may want to grab a few pieces of your favorite junk food or drink a shake, coffee, or a bottle of water. For doing so, you will surely be concerned about the safety of your bike before you park it without locking it. This can be a difficult task or situation but you can follow some tips to protect your bike from thieves.

Use Your Helmet to Block the Wheel from Turning

Yes, your helmet can act as a lock if you do not have a lock. Just fasten your helmet straps to the rear wheel so that thieves can’t see, and so protects your motorcycle. This is because the helmet strap on the rear wheel prevents the wheel from turning.

Give Fake Repair Indication

Give Fake Repair Indication

You should turn your bike upside down leaning against the saddle and handlebar in case you got fastened anywhere. This is considered a sick bike pose. This can force thieves, even expert bike stealers, to believe that a parked bike is being repaired and that the owner can jump out of a nearby counter with a wrench and rag at any time.

Take Out the Front Wheel Quick Release

Getting the front wheel out is very helpful in situations where thieves try to pick up the motorcycle and put it in the car and run away very quickly. This can be a very protective measure and can damage your bike, but it is the most effective. If you remove the front wheel immediately, the wheel will fall off and they will need extra time to get it. You should do this if you are having multiple tools and have to park at some isolated place.

Park Bike in the High Gear

You can park your bike in high gear to keep it safe. Parking in high gear can protect your bike in two ways. First of all, the bike will run randomly because you have parked in high gear. It will be difficult for the thief to pedal and he will stop to understand the matter.

Secondly, as the pedal will not work properly and as a result, the speed of the bike will slow down or stop. This can help you catch the thief with red hands.

Remove the Chain from the Chain Ring

Another great and highly effective safety measure is to remove the chain from the ring. Most people do this with the front ring, but the chain is difficult to put behind, so removing it there would make the thief even slower. Also, because it’s a little unobtrusive, he may try to escape, and it will ruin his plans.

Take this measure one step further and use the wires or Pass a large paper clip through the chain link and twist both ends. The thief is unaware of this and may have a great deal of difficulty in stretching the chain enough to put it back in the ring. When they get it done, pedaling doesn’t go smoothly. Putting the bike in the highest gear is more effective than dropping the chain because you might make your hands greasy or get an injury while separating the chain from the ring.

Release the Quick Release Lever

The same idea applies to the quick-release levers on your wheels. Release them both and remove the rear wheel slightly from the rear dropout. When a thief tries to get on and off, the wheels go off plan.

Never Neglect the Safety of your Bike or Park it out of Sight

There are two ways of thinking. Bicycles can be kept in places where thieves are difficult to see or you can keep a close eye on them at all times.

If you want to place it in an obstructed area, hide it behind a cafe or supermarket away from the entrance. If you plan to stay indoors for a while, it’s a good idea to park your bike by the window or by the door so you can see it anytime. If you can monitor it, you may have time to look at the problem and react to it.

Always Keep Cable or Zipper Tie

Put some cable or zipper ties in your saddlebag and you will be able to attach your bike to a rack or railing. It may not deter the most ambitious bike stealer, but it should discourage lazy thieves from trying to rob you of yours.

GPS Trackers

Using GPS trackers, simply insert a GSM sim card into the GPS unit. Whenever you call the unit it will respond with the coordinates of its location through an SMS message. You can then use these coordinates on any mapping software (for example Google Earth) which will show where exactly the bike is located. This Cutting-Edge GPS tracker is designed for advanced tracking/monitoring, especially for vehicle tracking using GPS, GSM, and GPRS technology. That GPS Tracker for Bike. The GPS tracker is designed for use in any vehicle to track its location, such as cars, trucks, boats, motor homes, vans, and construction machinery, and many more – the live tracking possibilities are limitless! This is particularly useful if your vehicle, pets, child, or your belongings have been stolen.

Hide the Bike to Keep it Safe

Hide the Bike to Keep it Safe

If you’re enjoying a scenic drive and forget to keep a bike lock, this may work. Hide your bike somewhere nearby when exploring a trail, using the bathroom, going fishing, or taking a lunch break. Hide behind large rocks, in caves, under bridges, on trees, or in bushes. The possibilities are almost endless. 

If you’re in town, you can try hiding it behind dumplings, toilets, or abandoned buildings. This carries some risk, but not enough to leave it on the pavement.

Summing Up

If you own a bike, then you seriously need to get yourself a good bike lock. Otherwise, you are really risking that bike being stolen. Some possible ways about “how to lock up your bike without a lock?” have been discussed in the article above. These methods can help protect you from any accidents but we are not guaranteeing you. We strongly advise you to always keep your lock with you to avoid any uncertainties.