How to Remove a Bike Chain Without a Master Link? (Solved)

How to Remove a Bike Chain Without a Master Link

While having an enjoyable adventure or fulfilling an important responsibility, being on the
only bike you have, some points must be kept in mind. One of those basics is the relationship of a bike chain to a master link. 

The second important point is the knowledge of inserting and removing a master link from a bike chain. Likewise, the procedure for the removal of a bike chain may either have the inclusion of a master link or the chain be removed without a master link. If a master link cannot be identified in a particular bike chain, there exists a technique with the help of which the chain can be easily removed from the bike.

What is a Master Link in a chain?

A master link is a type of specially shaped link to join two chains. The shape of the master link is such that the other links must be placed at specific angles and in the correct order in order to connect the chains.

How to find a Master Link in a chain?

You need to know the exact length of the chain, but you don’t know it. You can find the length of a chain by finding one link that you know has a specific length. Hold the chain up to a light source and look through the chain to see where the end is.

It will have to be exactly the length of the chain, but it will be obvious because there will be a space. Once you have found the last link, you know that the first link was also the length of the chain.

Master Link

Relationship between bike chain and master link

If you carefully notice a bike chain, you would come to know that there is a beautiful connection of links that keep holding each other in order to keep the bike running smoothly. The Master link plays the role of the most important link. This link is also known as a quick-release link. It is a roller chain component that helps you to attach or disengage the bike chain without using a chain tool. It serves as a set of outer plates for the chain, connecting two sets of inner plate ends. Without a master link, it is impossible two join two open ends of a chain in order to complete the cycle.

Need to remove a bike chain; Importance of the master link

Sometimes all you need to do is remove your bike chain. For example; if you wish to entirely remove it from your bike in order to clean the rust over it, thoroughly. Because of the way in which the bike chain is designed, it must be broken to be removed. 

In order to avoid breaking a chain, the master link is designed. This link is simply detached using a screwdriver in order to remove the Cain. This is why the master link is so beneficial. It is not permanently fused like the other links, which helps remove the chain whenever you want and reattach it as needed.

Reasons for a chain to be removed and the role of different tools

The rusty chain or a chain with a troubled link is supposed to be broken/removed for tuning, repairing, or washing purposes. Pliers are used to pulling out the two rollers of the master link in order to remove the chain. But if, because of rust, the master link is not visible, neither do you have pliers nor any other tool, you would have to try another method after getting your chain off from the sprockets and derailleurs.

Necessity is the mother of invention; removal of a bike chain without a master link

In a situation when the master link cannot be identified or the tools are absent for its removal, you need to go through a simple procedure. Firstly, get your chain off the sprockets and derailleurs so that the chain is relaxed, and you can easily further your task. 

Secondly, put the chain in such a position that the chain could be bridged across two solid things; two adjacent links are used for breaking a chain. 

Thirdly, the pin joining two links would be placed in the center without having the solid object below; the pins on both the sides of this joining pin are already on the solid surface; now the center pin can be easily removed by exerting little but focused effort from above. 

Fourthly, an iron nail will successfully do this task by placing the pin of the nail onto the pin to be removed and hammering the nail carefully. Fifthly, the application of a little force would start loosening the pin. Finally, you are able to detach the loosened pin after applying a little more effort.

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Concluding Remarks:

How to remove a bike chain without a master link? one needs to hammer out any of the pins joining two links. This would be done in the case the master link is not visible, or the proper tools are not available. 

One must never ignore the fact that the bike chain should not be in rusty condition, and it should be properly oiled so that any unforeseen event is avoided. Furthermore, the basic information and mechanics of a machine, being used by you, should be known to you.